Madden 22: Is it worth the player’s investment?

Although last year’s Madden 21 game did get a next-generation upgrade after its release, the original intention of Madden 22 was to take Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 into consideration. Madden 22 allows players to choose between quality and performance modes. Just like the next-generation upgrade of the previous game, Madden 22 also benefits from a greatly reduced loading time. Regardless of the game mode, the waiting time between game segments is never long. This brings a good game experience to players.

Due to the monopoly of the league’s simulator license since 2004, the producer has received all the expected burdens and bonuses due to the lack of significant rivals: Although the sales are good, the series has been stagnant for a long time, lacking substantial improvements, and relying on small steps. For those who have just arrived, if you are watching the real sports season on ESPN or NFL Game Pass and are looking for a fun, full-featured, and appropriately updated emulator to gain insight into the league, it’s best to make it clear that it’s the best port of call.

But in last year’s version of the review, my friend Francesco Simoes has stated that Madden 21 follows the same minimum improvement guidelines, as happened in versions 20, 19, 18, etc. So, this kind of criticism will start from the hypothesis that you already know more or less what the title of the series will bring. It maintains almost all the patterns and functions we have seen in recent years and mainly analyzes its news. Learn all about the new Madden below!

The power of Momentum

In the introductory game that introduced a few new mechanics in this year’s version, it was clear that the big event was the implementation of the dynamic momentum meter. Momentum is a real-life concept for those on the outside, almost like “match emotion”: when a team plays many influential games in a row, it tends to feel more confident, and The opponent is even more afraid.

Therefore, teams in bad conditions are more likely to lose simple passes, turnovers, skewed steals, and a series of turnovers, which puts the team in a more profound dilemma. In contrast, teams with good Momentum enjoy certain privileges, such as being more fortunate. The thing is, they will not fumble in vain and have more accurate passes. This is the case in real life, and EA did a great job in Madden 22!

Even the fact that you are playing indoors or outside your home has already affected your momentum meter, and specific stadiums and situations will impact more or less than others. Mainly I think even the way the camera shakes is brilliant, making you nervous about the player and making the game a little difficult to an appropriate level. I hope this change will always exist!

This whole thing is called M-Factor (M stands for Momentum), and this effect is just like X-Factor now applies to your entire team. It even proved to be an excellent way to make up for the lack of the new X factor. For example, a team playing in a windy stadium will make it harder for opponent kickers, and the noisiest stadium in the league will cause inaudible situations. None of the sports games in history have fully utilized the factor of indoor or outdoor competition

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More beautiful, but not the next generation

Madden 22 is the first game in the series to appear on next-generation consoles, but if you can’t notice it only from photos or videos, don’t feel sad because it’s presented in the same way as in previous versions. The same. From game production to off-site animation, there are not many noticeable new features to enjoy this time.

The animation has been dramatically improved in some respects, especially in the contact between two players fighting for space on the court. You will see that the athletes move inhumanely with those trips, mistakes, and strange movements much less. Generally speaking, these pixels end up intersecting roughly, which is an excellent help for immersion.

Tackles are exceptionally delicate, and I like to see how some defenders occasionally try to grab the opponent’s foot, even if they have fallen to the ground. Running backs and wide receivers do their best to disconnect from contact, losing speed in the process, and the attributes and positions of the players determine who will win and who will not. It is a beautiful thing to see:

Otherwise, apart from the inevitable aesthetic updates on the menu, authorized music, the latest player models, more details on the stands, and some additional lighting effects, compare Madden 22 with any of the last 2 or 3 games. It is not difficult to confuse the game in terms of presentation and graphics quality.

You will notice that the most significant difference lies in the games that are already in progress. For example, the artificial intelligence of the opponent’s quarterback has been improved, and they are now more competent in moving and pitching. Opponents like Tom Brady tend to become monsters in their pockets, while Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes take out some scenes from their hats during the journey, just like we see in real life.

Fixed franchise?

Anyone who follows the Madden community should know the hashtag #FixFranchiseMode, which has been circulating since the middle of last year, calling for news and improvements to one of the most popular game methods.

This time, EA increased the atmosphere by adding their schedule trees for offensive and defensive coordinators, so the weekly activities were more satisfying. Some scenes were added between weeks and events to create more immersion, but I have mixed feelings about them. As the face of the franchise model, everything sounds pale and far-fetched, and the animation looks like something two generations ago.

The requirements of old players, such as the possibility of creating a team from scratch, still do not exist, so this is not the time for developers to try to reinvent the wheel. The trend is that some post-release updates will help improve sentiment, such as the arrival of long-delayed reconnaissance tools, which should be activated sometime in September. Before that, the situation was much the same.

Speaking of replays, for those who like to play in the full microtransaction model of Ultimate Team, I have good news or bad news, depending on how much you want or hate the experience. After all, it’s the same experience, except that the card has been updated and the Madden 22 mechanism has been implemented, such as the Momentum mentioned above the meter and the possibility of adjusting in the interval between the second and focusing more on your offense and defense. Sex to the third bedroom.

Nonetheless, given the inherent limitations of the franchise model, the ability to participate in timed challenges and compete against other players’ teams in exciting online matches, you can’t deny that although the MUT formula is repetitive, and MUT Coins are still valid. Broth can bring hundreds or thousands of hours of fun to the most hardcore audience.

Among the ups and downs of these modes, what annoys me most is the franchise’s face, the closest thing to the linear story mode here, because you need to guide a first-year student from his last college game to the draft until the rest of Brilliant career. The problem is that in addition to the similar structure to last year, the scenes and interactions with other characters, whether they are athletes or managers, are a shame to others.

Exchanging five-element dialogue can consume up to a minute of real-time time because the rough character model will take a long time of silence, just looking from one to the other until the following text is loaded. It’s strange to see such a thing in the new generation, and it doesn’t help so many lint plots around the scene of negotiating sponsorship and partnerships with brands that support EA and NFL. It’s like paying to watch merchandise non-stop. Check out our first hour of live gameplay recorded on Twitch:

Is it worth it?

For good or bad, Madden 22 is your good old Madden forever. Some intelligent new features will continue to exist this year, such as momentum meters, redesigned animations, advanced physics, and improved artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, most of its game modes and mechanics have been stagnant and outdated for a few years, and this is not a game that we have genuinely novel.

Even the visual effects themselves cannot reflect the graphics capabilities of the new generation of game consoles! Nevertheless, especially considering the lack of alternatives on the market, this game has proven to be a good choice for those who want to play football and follow the new NFL season. Most recommended to those who have left the franchise for a few years.