A Wider Price Range Will Be Used FUT 16

EA has announced the changes they were making to the “FUT Player Experience”, but with some key areas of concern from FUT 15 addressed, We’d delve a little deeper into the changes and their potential impact on FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. The highlights: Price Ranges are now wider. Up to 90% greater than FUT 15. … Read more

About 5-Star Skillers In FIFA 16

Skill is important for FIFA 16 Player Ratings. 5-Star Skillers often perform the most complex skill moves in the game. So, it is a cool thing that get 5-Star Skillers who are capable of utilizing skill in your FIFA 16 team. Here is the full list of 5-Star Skillers. WOMEN 5-STAR SKILLERS TOBIN HEATH – UNITED … Read more