Ultimate Guide For Getting More Monopoly GO Dice Rolls

To progress through Monopoly Go, you’ll need plenty of Dice Rolls, which is a crucial in-game currency. Each time you want to move around the game’s virtual board, you’ll need to use up a Dice Roll.
So in this article, we unveil the secrets to unlocking free dice rolls in Monopoly Go, guaranteeing non-stop thrills and excitement throughout the game!


Engaging with the official Monopoly Go social channels is a fantastic avenue to snag complimentary dice rolls and exclusive rewards. Scopely’s developers sporadically treat new and devoted players to limited-time free dice rolls by announcing their exciting giveaway throughout their platform. Stay connected by following their Facebook, Twitter, and Discord channels to ensure you don’t miss out on their generous dice roll giveaways.

Net Worth

As your overall net worth grows through property and building upgrades, you’ll be entitled to free dice rolls! However, as you achieve each milestone, the pace may slow down, but it remains the most effective method to earn free dice rolls. In addition, your roll regeneration rate, determined by your net worth, will augment your dice count every 60 minutes.

Daily Treats

Logging in becomes a delight with Monopoly Go’s Daily Treats! Each time you kick off your first gaming session of the day, you’ll receive a special treat, such as free cash and dice rolls. Maintain your consecutive login streak for a grand prize on the 7th day, which includes valuable rewards such as free dice rolls.

Quick Wins

Quick Wins in Monopoly Go are daily objectives that reward players with dice rolls and other incentives upon completion. These objectives typically involve everyday gameplay actions like rolling dice, landing on specific properties, or collecting rent. Completing Quick Wins contributes to weekly progress and unlocks additional rewards. The grand prize resets every week, delivering an impressive stack of 50-100 dice rolls!

Invite Friends

Expand your Monopoly Go experience and earn a bounty of dice rolls by inviting your friends to join the fun! With each successful invitation, both you and your friend will be rewarded with an impressive 25-30 dice roll. This exciting referral program allows you to send up to 30 invitations, potentially amassing up to 900 dice rolls.

Community Chest

Team up with friends who have your back to conquer the Community Chest! Inviting five people unlocks a mini-game that rewards you with cash. Each time you assist one of your friends in opening the chest, you’ll receive 10 dice as a special reward.


Accumulating a full set of stickers in Monopoly Go! brings valuable rewards in the form of dice rolls. Upon completing the entire sticker album, you’ll be granted an impressive 15,000 dice rolls, although it may take some time to achieve this feat. You can buy cheap Monopoly GO Stickers on U4gm with code “Mods” for 5% off to complete the album fast!

Participating Events

Monopoly Go Events are one of the best ways to amass a wealth of dice rolls, propelling you forward in your journey. By diligently completing event milestones, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of rewards, including a generous supply of dice rolls and valuable resources like cash and sticker packs.

Free Gift and Store

Upon reaching a Net Worth Level of 15, you will unlock a Free Gift in the Shop. This Free Gift frequently contains complimentary dice rolls, which can be claimed every 8 hours. For players seeking to replenish their dice roll reserves, the Monopoly GO also offers a convenient in-app store – discover various dice roll deals and bundles.

Whether you’re a seasoned Monopoly GO enthusiast or a newcomer to the game’s thrilling world, these events present an exceptional opportunity to replenish your dice roll supply and fuel your aspirations.