Albion Online: Be A Warrior Or A Farmer?

Often a game is measured by how freely the player can be lost and the formula is usually: the more, the better. This idea of the sandbox genre is pushed to the top, with which you should be completely unrestrained, just like a child in the sandbox. The German developer studio with the apt name … Read more

The Albion Online Server Is Open

The “Albion Online” server is open. Sandbox Interactive emphasizes that the first adventurers have already arrived on the shores of the Royal Continent. Now that “Albion Online” is officially launched, everyone starts with a blank page and its story to write. Legendary Starters and Founders, Veteran Starters and Founders as well as Epic Starters and … Read more

Albion Online: Various Starter Packs Now Available

The developer team of Sandbox Interactive has presented a total of three different Starter Packs for the official launch of Albion Online. Depending on the selection, players will get early access to the upcoming MMORPG. Two days after the end of the beta phase of Albion Online, the developer team from Sandbox Interactive is preparing … Read more

Portraits Of The Guardians Of Albion Online

They are beautiful, they are strong, impressive and they are several, discover the Guardians present in Albion Online The Guardians come straight from the ancestral times of Albion, gigantic creatures, they are 5 and all have a specificity. But who are they, how to fight them? Follow the guide: What are the Guardians? They are … Read more

The Last Patch Before Albion Online Release: Hector Update

Albion Online, the Sandbox-MMO from Sandbox Interactive from Germany, will be released on 17 July 2017. To prepare the game for the new adventurers, the latest major update, Hector, was released. In addition to Outland revisions, this brings the Black Market and new Hellgates. You can find more about Albion Online on our site … Read more

Albion Armory: The Choice Of Weapons And Equipment

In this week, Albion armory update new content, keep in mind that Lugzi’s Flailing Knight, about details about Lugzi’s Flailing Knight and build overview, we have been made overall introduction at U4GM, now, let’s talk about the equipment: armor & equipment: weapon. By the way, you can head over to: Equipment: Armor Helmet: Soldier … Read more