Albion Online: The Develop Team Will Close The Beta Servers On July 9

After so many years it does not seem true, but it is about to happen: they are missing just two weeks at the final launch of Albion Online, scheduled for July 17 for Legendary Pack owners, 18 for Epic pack owners and 19 for all others .

Release will mark the beginning of a new era for Sandbox Interactive’s sandbox fantasy MMORPG, during which there will be no cleaning and the economy will be managed (in theory) by the players.

At the moment, the develop team is making the latest preparations before the fateful date. In this regard, July 9 will end the Founder Program and will close the beta servers: you will no longer be able to buy Founder Packs in the official shop. To thank the old players and entice the new players, each Founder Pack will receive an extra 10% gold.

The software house has released a new video from Director Robin Henkys.

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