How to Make Stubs Early in MLB The Show 24

As the release date of MLB The Show 24 approaches, many players are looking forward to how to earn a large amount of stubs early in MLB The Show 24. Here are some tips to help you, even for those players who don’t have much time to play the game.

Take advantage of early access

Early access periods can yield considerable benefits, especially by utilizing Gold Choice Packs. In the early game, players can choose 5 gold cards. Since the overall rating of players’ teams will not be very high at the start of the new season, the value of these gold cards will be relatively high in the market. Players should sell these cards early in the game to earn a large amount of Stubs.


Next, flipping as a method to earn Stubs. Flipping involves buying cards at a low price and selling them at a higher price to profit from the difference. Although this method carries certain risks in the early stages of the game, it also offers significant profit potential. It’s important to pay attention to market fluctuations to avoid getting stuck with cards when their value drops.

Conquest & Team Affinity

Conquest and Team Affinity modes serve as pathways to earn Stubs. While Conquest mode typically isn’t worth investing a lot of time into, leveraging hidden rewards on the Conquest mode map serves as a quick method to earn Stubs. Players can discover hidden rewards simply by moving to specific hexagons areas on the map, without needing to participate in any matches.


Investment strategy, especially in the initial weeks of the game, is advised with caution due to significant market price fluctuations. We recommend players to refrain from large-scale investments during this period. However, we suggest players to keep an eye on active series cards that may receive rating upgrades in the future due to outstanding performance.

Buy Stubs

You can spend real money to purchase Stubs. Some third-party sellers offer MLB The Show 24 Stubs at lower prices, such as U4GM. They cater to players who intend to buy Stubs early on. If you are looking to score these in-game currencies at a faster rate. You can buy cheap MLB The Show 24 Stubs for PS 4/5, Xbox 1/S & Switch on U4GM.

Have fun!