MU Legend Is Great: Unrestricted PvP And Limited Areas

MU Legend is form of path of exile or diablo with a really open world, currency system that revolve around diablo/PoE style dungeons seem fine. The open world nature technically does exist in MU Legend but ultimately doesn’t share the rules and social structure that the original MU had, which added value to that open world. The bestn site to buy cheap & fast & safe MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power Leveling.

MU Legend

Anyway, the game is great if compared to other isometric action style RPGs. Unrestricted PvP and limited areas in which you can grind for resources made the instance based open world come alive. The way I see it, the designs of each of these zones in MU Legend have their “open world zones” which will inevitably be dead zones.

As high level people wont bother to come and harass other players, which would in turn encouraging other high level players to come and take bounties and loot from the harassers. And this current iteration of MU has not inspired small groups to band together and control early game resources as there was no limit to any resource. However, beta level cap is 65 but launch cap is 100, beta level cap is 65 but launch cap is 100.

When you playing MU Legend, it kind a felt like i was in a tourist cart being driven around each zone and then finding out that there are just different kinds of tigers in each zone. The monsters in the overworld have no real significance and the quests that demand you to slaughter them have even less significance. A general overview of the game and go to website.