Albion Armory: The Choice Of Weapons And Equipment

In this week, Albion armory update new content, keep in mind that Lugzi’s Flailing Knight, about details about Lugzi’s Flailing Knight and build overview, we have been made overall introduction at U4GM, now, let’s talk about the equipment: armor & equipment: weapon. By the way, you can head over to:

Equipment: Armor


Helmet: Soldier Helmet

Block (Tier 4+)
You become immune to all enemy spells for a few seconds. You can keep moving during the block, but you cannot attack or use other abilities.

Passive: Toughness
Block is your personal life saver as it allows you to get out of any dangerous situation and back into your own party after you have finished your combo. Block can also be used to get through enemies’ wind- or firewalls or hostile crowd control effects.

Chest: Knight Armor


Wind Wall
Conjures a Wind Wall in front of you for a few seconds, which knocks back all enemies hit by it. Wind Wall is a versatile and powerful ability and can be used in both defensive and offensive plays. Blocking off a certain choke point, preventing your enemies from engaging your own party, or pushing the enemy into your damage dealers after you have engaged them are just a few basic examples of what you can do with it.

Boots: Mage Sandals

Delayed Teleport
Choose a ground target within 15 meters. One second after activation, you will be teleported to the desired position. Your cast or channel will not be interrupted by the teleport. However, it is not possible to teleport through obstacles. While Delayed Teleport is your main combo opener, the cooldown is much shorter than the rest of your abilities so don’t hesitate to use it as often as possible.

Equipment: Weapon


Weapon of Choice: Flail

Pull Area (Tier 5+)
After a short delay, Pull Area pulls all enemies in a 7 meter radius around you towards your position and creates additional threat on enemies hit.

Defensive Slam
Deals physical damage to an enemy, while increasing Armor and Magic Resist for you and your allies in a 4 meter radius around you for a few seconds. Can affect up to 5 allies.

Root Prison
Roots you and your enemies around you for a few seconds while rendering you immune to hostile crowd control effects. After the channel ends, enemies will stay rooted for a short amount of time. The channeling also creates threat on creatures hit. Root Prison is one of the strongest area crowd control abilities in Albion and gives your team enough time to follow up on your engage.

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