MU Legend Look Amazing And Is Popular Game

MU Legend official Open Beta Test launch date confirmed for this awesome MMORPG, the Test soon to be launched in September. MU Legend gameplay characters look amazing. For the first impression of MU Legend, Is it worth playing. How good is MU Legend! What are your thoughts so far on MU Legend? Is it a … Read more

The Elder Scrolls Online: Try The Game Again

The Elder Scrolls series has enriched countless great games over the years, so it is not surprising that you’ve created a huge fan base with fascinating stories and always exciting gameplay. None of the games so far had a multiplayer mode, so we could always play our heroes solely. This time, however, is different. Thanks … Read more

ESO – Participate In The Midyear Mayhem PvP Event

If you have never been enthusiastic about PvP in MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online, perhaps a new event from ZeniMax will force you to reconsider your opinion. The summer event Midyear Mayhem puts a lot of booty on it. You can earn unique awards, such as the Laurel Wreath collectible hat, double Alliance Points, rare … Read more

The Albion Online Server Is Open

The “Albion Online” server is open. Sandbox Interactive emphasizes that the first adventurers have already arrived on the shores of the Royal Continent. Now that “Albion Online” is officially launched, everyone starts with a blank page and its story to write. Legendary Starters and Founders, Veteran Starters and Founders as well as Epic Starters and … Read more