MU Legend Is Turned Out To Be A More Successful Gameplay

MU Legend is hack & slash MMORPG made by Webzen, and the game will enter Global Open Beta Test in September. MU Legend is currently being prepared for the Global OBT, and in the near future, it will bring new content and features. After several years of development, the game is turned out to be a more successful MMORPG gameplay.

MU Legend

The game is the subject of a western, the Global Open Beta Test is planned for launch in September this year. A delay for a few weeks that the developer explains by the desire to fine-tune some gameplay but also the translation since the MMO will be available in six languages. U4GM will continue to update more new content and news, source from here.

In a first phase of Closed Beta at the end of 2016, it reached a huge success. Similarly, the second Closed Beta also received lots of highly acclaimed. Consequently, gamers are curious about the forthcoming the Global Open Beta Test, what’s content that it can offer? Will be more interesting than previous the GBT? While waiting to the Global Open Beta Test, we note that MU Legend articulates its gameplay around missions and dungeons PvE.

MU Legend is particularly popular around the world, it based on a gameplay of hack and slash in a universe massively multiplayer. At the same time, MU Legend is an MMORPG, that’s to say that it has introduced many elements hack and slash in its gameplay, it differs from Eloa and Devilian by the fact that it is more dark / bloody and therefore a Little more mature. Do you now intend to buy MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling?