The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind does not need any presentations. It is always difficult to recite a title as part of a long tradition of videogames. They would not even use so many words because the title would already say everything, but you have to go down in the meanders of the video game to get rid of their strengths and weaknesses. For truth, in this case, the merits go far beyond the defects and we could close this review directly with this sentence.


Who in fact does not know the series The Elder Scrolls? All of us have played at least one title of this famous series in our lives. Among us there are some who have definitely begun by Oblivion, a true watershed in the history of video games, and then there are those who started directly on the snowy Skyrim Mountains. But there is another type of player: the old (mold) who even played the previous chapter on Oblivion: Morrowind. Just Morrowind is the subject of expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online that brings the fanatics and nostalgics of the series to the dawn of video game life. Morrowind was only the third serious video game after The Elder Scrolls: Arena and The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall, but it is also what he was most appreciated for, so to earn plausiffs and rewards twenty years later.

With this expansion, Bethesda brings us back many years but at the same time creates a Morrowind in step with the times and with what modern technologies make available. Let’s say immediately that although the game is in fact a MMORPG, this feature is not noticeable anymore and it almost never fails to run the plot thanks to a wise and sophisticated use of the NPCs, which, despite being on screen of other human players, will have no eyes for us.

Morrowind’s land has also been beautifully made and we are probably facing the best graphics ever seen in an MMORPG. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind does not compromise and is given a great texture and at the same time read (if you have the right computing power and a medium-high bandwidth), of architectural and landscaping elements made with care, diversified sounds and the right depth of field.

ESO image16

The swamps are full of rushes that wind in the wind, the villages full of corral yard and NPCs that carry out the most diverse daily activities, such as keeping clean the ramparts of your home or putting in the fence the ” Hens “(the Guar, small reptiles kept by the locals like nice hens). Pyramid buildings of the capital and of the whole island in the center of the region are magnanimous. Environmental occlusion even evokes the blur given by the heat that raises the water vapor. In short, it looks perfect, but you know, perfection hides something.

In this case, so much ostentatious beauty has to hide a little dust under the carpet. Although The Elder Scroll Online: Morrowind has managed to get rid of the glitch problems that afflict his likes there is still something to improve on the polygon strength and the fact that some environmental objects can be literally crossed as if we were ghosts.

Another element of possible disruption is the crowding of other on-screen human players. In areas where there is a rather important NPC and often visited, there is such a crowd of human characters that do not allow interaction with the character controlled by the IA.

At the level of the story we all know very well that an MMORPG can not be expected anymore and The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind from this side is committed but could do a lot more. Unfortunately, the plot assumptions, that is, the loss of divinity by the God-King of the Vivec Dark Elves, are not the best.

Right from the start, history has not bothered and it is too well understood that this was written for the sole purpose of turning the player as a trot into a world so well-made graphically. However, a plausibility is to be made to the perfect and stimulating English dubbing and NPC models: sublime and sexy.

The fights suffer, albeit rarely, of drops of frames and sudden disconnections, while the immense and immeasurable gaming world is reduced to Vvanderfell Island, which, despite being huge, is also full of dangers behind every corner, So much to make the free exploration almost impossible in the early stages of the game. It comes out of a game that wants to keep the player on well defined tracks so it does not tire it with the excessive size of the map. The result is good, but some may even get tired of not being able to get out of the paths as you like because only a few meters further there is a giant golem …

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind remains one of the best MMORPGs (if we do not really want to say “the best”) of all time and demonstrate it with solid mechanics, an inexpensive graphics and a wondrous and intriguing gaming world that adapts to adventurous souls. Too bad for that weaker little plot.

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