Level 50 and the Mentality of Blade & Soul

Today I want to talk something about lv50 and the mentality of blade & soul, it is just my thoughts. I wish this will help you enjoy the game. As we all know, level 50 is tomorrow, and there’s a ton of chaos about what happens, how the game changes, and why they decided to … Read more

Blade & Soul: Question about Blade Master

Hey everyone! During early start, I created myself a Jin female Blade Master, Myung. Didn’t want to play Lyn, couldn’t stand the Kun animations, so my go-to race was Jin. I started playing her, reached lv45, and in general enjoyed her, but some caveats came up. It seemed like I was at the bottom of … Read more

Problem with FM’s TAB Escape in Blade & Soul

Some players have problem with FM’s TAB escape. It happens so often that they can’t activate it. If you want to solve the problem, let’s listen some others’tips. If you wish to buy some bns gold, just click. The interesting thing is that the game seems to have some kind of delay at registering input … Read more

Blade and Soul Warlock Class guide

Today I will tell you something about Warlock.Many players choose this class but they don’t know how to play it.Let me suggest you some tips.If you want to buy bns gold to improve your class,our site is your best choice. The Warlock is Blade & Soul’s second dedicated ranged class with great power but considerable … Read more

Blade & Soul:Mushin’s Tower Guide

Many people have problems with Mushin’s Tower.One solution is that you can buy BNS gold to improve your weapon,if not,you can read the article. Mushin’s Pain To fight Mushin’s Pain, the skills you should pay attention to are Divine Veil and Phantom Grip. Use Divine Veil at about 40 seconds and 1 minute 40 seconds … Read more

Blade & Soul level cap’s daily tasks

If you are reaching level cap and you want to ensure maximum rewards,you need to do the things I say
1 – Do OPVP dailies (red ones) in Misty Woods – you need to be at least rank Private with the faction to accept those dailies, if you are not yet do the faction dailies in the desert (Scorching sands)
ETA : 20-30 mins (depending if other faction players are camping the zone)
Rewards : Soul shards, Faction insignas
2 – Do the 4 blue dungeons once : Skittering Tunnels, Brightstone Ruins, Hall of Ogong, The Pigsty. Accept the daily quest of each in the lobby if you are using cross-server party matching.
ETA : 30-45 mins (good luck if your group doesn’t know how to do the Pigsty boss)
Rewards : Fodder materials for weapon/accessories, soul shields, moonwater valor stone, keys, crafting materials (moonwater tear)
3 – Run Tomb of the Exiles for Infernal lord horn (upgrade material). Accept the daily quest for it.
ETA : 10-15 mins if you’re lvl 45 and can carry your party
Rewards : Infernal lord horn, costume piece (if you’re lucky/rich)
4 – Do Arena dailies.
ETA : 15-25 mins depending on how long your 3v3 matches last
Rewards : Moonwater treasure chests
5 – Run Blackram supply chain. Accept daily quest. You will most likely have to use F7 to party find as you need a high grade weapon to enter through F8.
ETA: 20-45 mins (depending on how experienced your group is and if you’re skipping trash)
Rewards: Blackram supply soul shield, belt, upgrade accessories, Siren emblem
Next to that you can also help your clan with Blackwyrm, upgrade your crafts, farm costumes, swear at your screen because you did Shadowstrike for the billionth time and have yet to see the costume drop, level alts, or just have fun in arena!

Thanks for reading!I wish these tips will help you a lot.