Level 50 and the Mentality of Blade & Soul

Today I want to talk something about lv50 and the mentality of blade & soul, it is just my thoughts. I wish this will help you enjoy the game.

As we all know, level 50 is tomorrow, and there’s a ton of chaos about what happens, how the game changes, and why they decided to suddenly throw us a surprise party when we all thought we had until April (seriously, RIP that guy with the Force Master he’s supposed to delete).

So naturally there’s a lot of speculation on why it got accelerated so hard, and that the population is dropping or whatever else, so I want to say that the game IS NOT DYING(Maybe blade & soul gold can change it). With one or two exceptions, everyone on my friends list from the last two months still plays. There are almost never queue times on any dungeon I need to do, from leveling to endgame content to weird achievement runs in ToE. In arena, there are thousands upon thousands of players of each class (I know that because I’m a baddie and there are 3k+ assassins higher than me between all the servers). My FPS still lags in Mushin tower lobby because there are so many people afk dancing.

So please, Reddit, don’t tell people the game is dying. Yes, you’re concerned and love the game and the content is fast and it’s a lot. I know, I feel the same way. But to a new player looking into the game, if all they see are threads telling them to abandon ship, they’re going to get turned away, and that IS how the game will die.

Blade and Soul is a wonderful game, and it deserves to last for a hell of a lot longer than two months. So let’s all relax and let it ride. And if you’re new: yes, play this game. Level 50 is fun. You’ll have fun I promise.If you want to know more about Blade & Soul, you can visit our site. You can buy bns gold here too.