Problem with FM’s TAB Escape in Blade & Soul

Some players have problem with FM’s TAB escape. It happens so often that they can’t activate it. If you want to solve the problem, let’s listen some others’tips. If you wish to buy some bns gold, just click.

The interesting thing is that the game seems to have some kind of delay at registering input sometimes. This one time I had my TAB escape be on cooldown. I pressed TAB and noticed that it showed 1 second still left, which is why my TAB escape didn’t go off. Okay, fine, but then when that cooldown went off and I was not pressing the button the TAB escape did fire off and my TAB escape was essentially wasted.

The same thing applies to rolling out of CC like Blackwyrm’s roar. I have to press F (or hold it down) BEFORE I actually see the pop up otherwise it will not let me roll out of it even when I tried my very best to react to only that.

There is also the issue that abilities which have multiple functions don’t actually always pick the correct one if the target moves (so there must be some delay). For instance, getting the “Target is not in range” error when pressing Q or E on FM (it does not require a target, but if there is a target it’ll jump behind them instead of just straight ahead).

I imagine that TAB escape not working can be an issue of multiple CCs on you – you try to TAB escape the first CC but another CC follows up and the game goes “oh, but you’re CCd so you can’t cast an ability that tried to target the first CC!” or something like that.

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