Blade & Soul: Question about Blade Master

Hey everyone!
During early start, I created myself a Jin female Blade Master, Myung. Didn’t want to play Lyn, couldn’t stand the Kun animations, so my go-to race was Jin. I started playing her, reached lv45, and in general enjoyed her, but some caveats came up.
It seemed like I was at the bottom of the totem pole PvP-wise.(Maybe bns gold can change it) I could get into some good fights against other BMs, KFMs and FMs ; but for all the others my best effort means being me trying to be a better speed bump for the opponent and generally failing.
I stall at the 5th floor of Mushin’s tower; can’t generate enough damage to get past the enrage.
I generally don’t feel all that useful in dungeons. Me getting in the face of my opponents (bosses) to use my blocking mechanics typically has me be the first to die; meaning I survive longer in a DPS role… that most other classes seem better at performing than mine.
didn’t touch faction PvP quests; considering how I fared in PvP matches, I figured I’d just get my butt handed to me ad nauseum.
Right now, my gear (weapon/accessories) is at the point where I start needing oodles of soulstones/naryu coins/transformation stones to get to Siren weaponry. Soul Shield is all Nightshade essence blues fused with green critical.
Whereas, for the warlock promotion I made Jin female warlock Chaewon. Chaewon just got lv45 yesterday night, but she’s been feeling very solid.

most open world PvE content was dealt with much more handily with warlock abilities than I remember being able to do with my BM.
My Warlock seems a bit squishy, but in truth she seems to have similar defenses to the BMs – a decent block/repulse.
The few endgame dungeons I did had her feel like she was much more capable of pulling her own weight, doing incredible amounts of damage to bosses while not being in the direct line of fire.

I haven’t tried PvP yet. Given that I don’t feel greatly defensively disadvantaged, and that I have more CC, ranged damage and combos that put me less at risk and a minion… I have a hard time imagining the warlock is going to be worse than the BM
All my equipment is the tier just before Siren – similarily to my BM. I’m using the Profane soul shield right now, but I’m planning to upgrade it to All blue Nightshade and fuse it with greens for critical tonight once I finish my workday.
My Blade Master is my little sweetheart; she’s the one with which I first experienced Blade And Soul up to Act 3. She’s the one that I got emotionally invested with first. And she’s a pretty brunette.

But I’m wondering if it’s worth really investing further in her when her class apparently so underperforms in B&S. The Warlock made a case that other classes have it much easier. My warlock character-wise has a lot going for her too; she’s just not my “main” yet.
So, my dilemma is… should she be? Only sentimentalism really attaches me to my lv45HM1 Blade Master. Considering Silverfrost is coming and that the gear is just going to get harder to upgrade, should I just shelve my Blade Master in favor of my Warlock which seems more effective? Or is there any hope that a Blade Master could still be of some use at lv50?
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