How to Make Money Playing WildStar

“You’re never going to earn a living sitting around the house playing video games.” It was the mantra of mothers and father from the time Atari first invaded our homes in the 1980s. How wrong they were! Like the comedian who grew up with the mantra “No one is ever going to pay you to … Read more

How to obtain your WildStar House

Once you hit level 14 in wildstar,you are eligible for the housing quest, obtained in your capital city via comm-call. After completing several steps, where you have to visit the Housing of the Future building and check on virtual examples of houses, you will be awarded with your own piece of land (literally) in the … Read more

The WildStar Tank overview

This overview and comparison guide should help you to better understand the differences between the three tanking classes.which will help you get full preparation of WildStar release. Engineer: Engineers use a resource called “Volatility” that builds up with use of their abilities or AMPs, and spends it to use more powerful threat and/or defensive abilities. … Read more

WildStar Paths:The Strong Settler

The Settler is one of the biggest paths in Wildstar with a much stronger focus on a defensive play style these players are the core class for protection and sustainability. The Settler is going to be building houses, creating resource pads, and fortifying his immediate area where others are more focused on breaking things or … Read more

WildStar Crafting System:The Hobby Introduction

Hobbies support the crafting system but does not have levels and talent points associated with them. You can make any schematic you have in your possession and have the ingredients to make. Everyone can choose to pick up every hobby. The available Hobbies are: Cooking, Farming and Fishing in the future Cooking Cooking involves natural … Read more

The Strategy guide for WildStar Riot in the Void

source: RIOT IN THE VOID * Level 15 Adventure * Found in Illium * Dominion * First True 5man Experience * Keep in mind this is an Adventure. Your choices will affect potential loot – this is simply the easiest route through Riot for a new group. Once you reach level 15 you’ll receive a … Read more

WildStar guide:The detail introdution of Genetic Archives

source: The Genetic Archives is home to a medley of monsters, from marauding monstrosities and slavering symbiotes to psychotic sentries of Eldan design, all awaiting anyone foolish (or brave) enough to enter. Located in the depths of Western Grimvault, the Genetic Archives is the storage facility for all genetic material ever collected by the Eldan. … Read more

Buy cheap WildStar gold to enjoy powerful Dominion Races

source: As we all know,Wildstar has two factions to choose from.Each factions has its best races. For the players who is the first enter the game as Dominion, the main thing is to build a character. What class do you want to play? Which race do you choose? How does your character look? Those are … Read more