WildStar guide:The detail introdution of Genetic Archives


The Genetic Archives is home to a medley of monsters, from marauding monstrosities and slavering symbiotes to psychotic sentries of Eldan design, all awaiting anyone foolish (or brave) enough to enter.


Located in the depths of Western Grimvault, the Genetic Archives is the storage facility for all genetic material ever collected by the Eldan. The Strain are using it to create corrupted versions of the creatures within, as well as attempting to unlock the power of Eldan augmentation for themselves. They have also corrupted the remaining Eldan constructs inside with the Technophage, bringing them under Strain control. Deep in the bowels of the Genetic Archives lies Ohmna, an Eldan whom players may be familiar with from datacubes collected in the world. Ohmna has been corrupted by the Strain and turned into the Dreadphage.

The Exo-lab itself is a labyrinthine complex of cavernous hallways and node-like rooms which are a mix of Eldan technology and biological growth gone mad. Living opponents and hazards fill the early parts of the lab, while deeper inside the remaining Eldan constructs and defence mechanisms begin to show their presence.


The Genetic Archives is the initial raid instance that players will face while attempting to progress through Elder Game PvE content in Wildstar. It is designed for 20 players and features 6 major bosses (including Dreadphage Ohmna) and 10 minibosses. An attunement process (currently unknown) is required before entry, this helps ensure people are not trying to fight the bosses in levelling gear (we tried – you get smashed).

Loot and fame are gained through killing the bosses and minibosses which drop 3-5 and 1 epic quality items respectively. Completing optional challenges within the raid also awards a selection of items to reward players that are skilled enough to do so. Examples of challenges include special rooms in Act 2 such as a giant spinning laser centrifuge, rooms filled with lethal exploding nanites and a room that reminds people why they should be afraid of the dark. Challenges tied directly to bosses unlock the ability to purchase item upgrades. These types of challenge allow skilled players to demonstrate their mastery over the encounters. One early example would be defeating Experiment X-89 with a certain number of platforms remaining after the fight.