The Strategy guide for WildStar Riot in the Void


* Level 15 Adventure
* Found in Illium
* Dominion
* First True 5man Experience
* Keep in mind this is an Adventure. Your choices will affect potential loot – this is simply the easiest route through Riot for a new group.


Once you reach level 15 you’ll receive a Sim Core quest that will lead you to the entrance of the adventure thus allowing you to unlock it and tag yourself for it through Group Finder.

This first epic journey will take you to a prison where your skills will be needed to crush a prison riot. You will be offered many choices to do so. We will only explain one of the many ways to complete this adventure.Keep in mind that the choices you make during the adventure will impact the location, the tactics, the order of the bosses and the loots you’ll get.

Once you get to the prison you will be transformed into Exile inmates, this will allow you to get past the rioting prisoners in the Yard. Unfortunately for you the snipers were not briefed about you so they’ll target you and try to shoot you just like any other Exile as you try to go through the Yard.

After successfully reaching the last safe zone the door leading inside the complex will open. You now need to reach Warden Rhadman in order to choose how to stop that riot. Just follow the hint arrow, he will be waiting for you in the next room.

COLD STORAGE: Killing 20 Max Sec Inmates
Here you’ll have to choose between :
-Shooting Gallery
-Breaking Breakers : We chose this one.
-Yard Time.

AGENT VADIM : Your first boss 
You’ve seen him, everything you have done until now was to get to him. Well you are finally going to taste some BOSS BLOOD, get ready little kittens. The choices you’ve made will make you face him without his 4 guards (making the fight a lot easier, and perfect for a first Riot run).

JARAK : Final Boss 
LAST BOSS kittens!! This one is not at all as easy as Vadim. Your choices made you avoid facing him in the weapons room. This room increases the difficulty of the fight against Jarak. The infinite prisoners roaming the complex are only spawning as long as Jarak is alive, and once they get near a weapon stock they will get a weapon and get a damage buff. If you faced him in this room you would also have to contain an endless wave of armed prisoners while killing him. Though it is pretty simple once you already know all of Jaraks mechanics, this is not what we recommend for a first attempt in Riot.

Hope this guide was helpful!