Ten Golden Tips for getting filthy stinking rich in Wildstar



Many people understand the basic idea off how to get rich in an MMO, but don’t put the effort into actually doing so because they are constantly making little “exceptions” that, just like in real life, prevent them from saving up.

Here are tips on how to get so filthy stinking rich in Wildstar come launch that you’ll be the person buying CREDDs, not selling them.

1.Do Not Take a Crafting Skill at Launch.
Crafting costs you a lot of money, and I don’t mean just in the form of buying Flux or Thread. To truly understand this, you need to become familiar with the concept of opportunity costs. An opportunity cost is what you could have gotten had you decided not to do something. For crafting, this relates to two main things, the value of the raw materials (cloth, ore, omniplasm, etc) that go into crafting, and the value of items you salvage to get cores.

2.Go double gatherer, and Sell on the CX
As mentioned above, the majority of people are going to be working on their crafting skills, which means materials are going to be at a premium at launch since everybody will want it. So pick a double gathering skill set such as Mining and Survivalist, then simply put all of your gathered materials on the CX. Always make sure to price them not only higher than the vendor price, but higher than the vendor price + the CX’s commission.

3.Don’t Salvage
Or at least don’t salvage anything even remotely close to your level. The absolute best thing you’ll get from salvaging one is a power core, and that isn’t 100% of the time.So good habit is to just vendor everything.

4.Get Bigger Bags
This is harder now with the level restrictions on bags, but the more bag space you have, the less often you have to go to town to sell off, the more time you can spend on making money. Time spent travelling back to the AH is money lost.

5.Farm the AH/CX
The AH/CX currently does not enforce a minimum bid/price of the vendor value. Whenever you’re at the AH to sell your materials, go through and sort things for lowest value first. Anything at all you can find that is listed below vendor price, buy it, then turn around and vendor it. Its free money. If its a crafting material at less than face value, grab it and list it at above face like you do the rest of your stuff.

6. But Don’t Use the AH
When you’re trying to build up your wealth, do not use the AH for yourself. Don’t be on there constantly buying the best gear you can find, ignore it. Gear you get from questing and drops is more than good enough to get to max level on, its just a waste of money to use the AH before then unless you are the one selling.

7.Don’t Repair Your Gear
While this sounds a little odd at first, realize that while you are leveling, you are never going to keep a usable piece of gear long enough for it to break. You will replace it first, and vendor price/salvage potential does not go down with damage Repairs are for max level gear or emergencies only.

8.Quest Out the Zones
Even if you’re a level or two over the quest level, do them all anyway. Not only do you get money for completing the quest, but they’ll have you out constantly killing things, which means vendor trash and gathering nodes.

9.Recognize When the Bottom Will Fall Out
Learn to recognize the signs that the market is changing, and be ready to exploit it. For example, selling mats. Demand is going to be very high while everybody is grinding up their crafting skills.

10.If You Must Sell CREDD, do so at the End of the Month
The goal here is hopefully to get to the point you have so much gold that you can afford to buy credd for your own use instead of paying real money for it, but the more gold you have, the easier it is to make more. If you do feel the need to sell a CREDD or two, make sure you always do it towards the end of the month when people’s subscriptions are more likely to be running out (especially since all of the pre-sales and early adopters will be in on the 3rd).