WildStar Paths:The Strong Settler

wildstar Settler

The Settler is one of the biggest paths in Wildstar with a much stronger focus on a defensive play style these players are the core class for protection and sustainability.

The Settler is going to be building houses, creating resource pads, and fortifying his immediate area where others are more focused on breaking things or solving puzzles. The Settler is likely going to be one of the most fun and interesting paths to play due to the unique options offered by it. The Settler likes to gather materials and utilize these when creating their structures or even renovating other Settler structures created by other players. The Settler is an ideal path for a player who likes to be a core focus on a team rather than being a solo player. Their structures allow them to support the rest of the team in their goals, providing cover, resources, and extra damage to allow these players to more quickly and safely cut down enemies.

Your quests and advancements will occur from you doing little things to improve towns and the area around you. Things like repairing a fence for a local farmer or helping to set up a new shop are going to be your focus when you enter a town and by doing this you’ll help not only yourself but other players in the process. Structures built by a settler will fade and it can be a competition between settlers for more XP in the area in some ways. The Settler is certainly going to be one of the most fun, interesting, and unique ways to play a game ever made.

Mission Types

settler Mission Types