FIFA 22 Easy Coins OOP Investing Guide

OOP investing (=Out of pack investing) means investing into a card that gets replaced by a different version in packs or goes out of packs forever.

When do cards go oop?
When a player recieves a special card in a new promo or TOTW, his gold card gets replaced by the special card for the duration of the promo (= it goes oop)
When the promo/TOTW ends the gold card of the player goes pack into packs and the promo card goes out of packs
When a player transfers to a new club the gold card of the old club goes oop forever and gets replaced by the new club’s card

How to trade with it
the market is moving based on supply and demand
when a card goes oop, the supply from packs stops the supply on the market decreases
this means as long as the demand for the card stays the same, it will rise
buy at a cheap FIFA 22 coins in packs, sell out of packs (if the demand stays the same)

Let me get straight into examples since this is a fairly simple method.

Example 1: Promo cards

I’d like to start with a example that I posted on Twitter first because it is better documented than the others.
Record Breakers was one of the first promos in FIFA21.
They were only in packs during Black Friday (from Friday to Tuesday) which made them extremely rare and good for oop investing.

I invested 14M into them (mostly David Silva) on Sunday night which was their low point.
David Silva was easy to mass buy under 120k or get a few snipes even lower


Ended up selling just 2 days later for 1,4M profit after tax. Here is the original post of the sales

this is his graph. you see from the low point he rebounded a lot going oop. The rise a day before cards go oop is usually due to late investors

Another Example I’d like to show you guys is the Rulebreakers. The reason I want to show this is because team 1 was in packs for 1 entire week (Friday 23rdFriday 30th October) while team 2 was only in packs from Friday 30th October to Tuesday 3rd November.

How did this effect their rises out of packs?

this is the graph of Benjamin Andre Rulebreaker. He was one of the most in demand cards from Team 1 and still struggled to rise initially out of packs.

Why was the rise delayed multiple days?

Because the team 1 cards were longer in packs = they had more supply. There was also team 2 coming into packs on the day they went out of packs so the interest shifted to the new cards first.

Here is an example of a card from team 2: Alex Teixeira.
After he hit the low point Sunday night/Monday morning, he started to sky rocket in price right away.

Why did he rise right away?
Team 2 ended on Tuesday so there were no new cards to drag the interest away from these cards until Friday. Supply slowed down but demand stayed the same. He peaked on Thursday at 385k before the new RTTF promo started and made him dip.

Conslustion for Meta OOP investing
Promos that end mid week (usually Tuesday) are much better for oop investing since there is no new promo coming right away. People want to try them out in Rivals so the demand stays the same while the supply slows down.