ArcheAge Daggerspell Class Guide For PVP

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ArcheAge Daggerspell (Sorcery + Shadowplay + Witchcraft) is the most popular mage class in the game, you can get your own heal, mana sustain, and extra defense in PVE, and for solo play it has everything you from CC to take on multiple enemies with a heal combo from innervate + mudhand + root in PVP. Daggerspell has “insane sustain”. Fireball, Mudhand, and Enervate combo together to give you unlimited mana and DPS.


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Intro: Flamebolt > Bubble > Magic Circle > Arc Lightning > Chain Lightning > Dahuta’s Breath
Outro: When the enemy is like > 20% HP, you can Banshee Wall > Flamebolt > Shadow Steps > Shitload of Flame Bolt.

Generally, after Intro gamelay combo, most of average players will be a 20-25% HP, you just do Outro gameplay finisher. But if you enemy is a decent PVP player, you will do many things between the Intro and Outro. Such as Enervate > Mudhand, because most of your DPS skills are on CD. Deep Freeze is very important for Daggerspell, because all decent PVP players know how to handle Fear or Sleep, and Deep Freeze is the only solution to smash their head with a meteor. Deep Freeze is a 30 seconds (15 sec in PVP) sleep-like debuff, enemy wakes up when hit. Daggerspell are useful for group PVP or 1V1, you got shitload of CC, and Meteor Strike + Chain Lightning alone can do the damage job. If you want to increase the range for Sorcery skill, can replace Freezing Earth with the Magic Range Boost.

Some Skills

Buff: Insulating Lens, Purge, Courageous Action for Physical Defense, Mdef + fear / sleep immune.
Drop Back + Flambolt, for the instant fireball cast and avoid.
Flamebolt + Banshee Wail, AOE extende fear great VS grouped up opponents.
Flamebolt / Chain Lightning + Bubble Trap, then cast Arc Lightning, is great combo for group PVP.
Freezing Arrow + Meteor Strike, extra 30% damage combo great for finishing off.
If you have the Mana problems, can swap Focal Concussion for Enervate, and Enervate + Flamebolt, is great for getting back some mana.
Freezing Arrow + Lassitude, long sleep combo great for using VS Healers or Avoiding counter spell attacks.

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