Art Building Style of ArcheAge

ArcheAge is rich in content, size, and exquisite detail processing; for players travel on the continent of fantasy at the same time can also experience the beauty of the game art in addition to get cheap ArcheAge Gold. Game content is closely related to the real world, we share four different styles of architecture and the comparison of the real world of art style, taste in literature and art style of ancient buildings.

Nuians: Noah castle long corridor extends to after the end of the vertical curve; Semicircle arch of tall, metope hollow formed through create delicate, which are most common three elements of Mediterranean architecture. Mediterranean wind abandon the gaudy stone building, with a red tile white walls create the simple sense of the unity of nature. Many exquisite details processing in the game let players feel leisurely while earning ArcheAge gold, romantic and at the same time no lack of the simple sense of peace.

Elf: elves the pastures of the shallow green, deep green trees, the golden wheat, dotted with spire of the church and the red on the top of the building, make up the British building basic patterns. British buildings with concise line, dignified architectural color and unique style, roof, tiger window, parapet, sun room, etc the use of architectural language and symbols, explaining the British building characteristic of the solemn and full of primitive simplicity, precisely and spirits of distant history lock, building choose design act the role of material of the elves that natural breath.

Harani buildings of the layout and is characterized by the four corners of the courtyard, arched dome and the four side arcade, murals, painting, sculpture decoration lime. This kind of architectural style and pattern and Persian Islamic religious buildings bring out the best in each other, each building from the shape to the color are different, some like the pyramids of Egypt, some like a palace luxury; Is as plain as the farmhouse, golden light, some pure as follows; But almost have the dome roof and towering minaret, is at the top is a crescent moon, clan in Harani’s crescent kingdom closely together.

Firran: here, you can see a lot of mesh with wooden support circular blanket, Firran spirit of nomadic culture lasted one thousand years, after a lot of migration between the mainland, their architecture and lasted long yurt, it not only bears the most significant characteristics of nomadic life, in the process of long-term migration, it is also the Mongolian traditional aesthetics and value orientation of the condensate, is the embodiment of the spiritual beliefs and pursuit.