3D Models’ Adventurer’s Log Has Been Updated In Runescape

June is the month of harvest! There are so many news about Runescape this week. Well, let’s read them one by one. Adventurer’s Log – 3D Models The Adventurer’s Log was recently updated to include animated, fully rotatable 3D models of your character. This 3D models’ Adventurer’s Log works in Chrome or Firefox v38 or later, and … Read more

Runescape Artisans’ Workshop Update Has Been Released

Artisans’ Workshop has made a big batch of updates in Runescape. The Ninjas make it to infiltrate it and have made new Artisans’ Workshop more user-friendly. Besides, some cool new rewards have been introduced, auto-reloading for your dwarf cannon included. The team are planning to do more focused updates like this, bringing older parts of the … Read more

Advanced Pulse Cores In Runescape Treasure Hunter

There are bigger and better and more direct benefit to you on Treasure Hunter in Runescape this weekend. Extra fast Bonus XP and stacking XP buffs have been released with advanced pulse cores. Waiting for you! You’ll find advanced pulse cores aplenty on Treasure Hunter, from 00:00 UTC on 19th June to 23:59 UTC on 22nd June. Once your … Read more

The News About Runescape In June

June is a news-constantly month. Today, we will provide the latest Runescape news about videos, streams, events, and some awesome clan and fan site news. Read it, and win signed concept art! Urgnt Justice took to the airwaves for the release of adamant and rune dragons this week, attracting more than 1,000 viewers. If you … Read more