Update: Runescape Tuska World Event

The Runescape changes made by Jagex earlier today by adding in a few changes to the guide to reflect in World Event mechanics. Besides, We have added a score updated in real time to the page and below. Following percentage indicates the portion of the required daily contribution to fend off Tuska for the day that has been earned.

Runescape update

Runescape update

(Note that yellow represents the Godless faction, red is for Zamorak, Silver for Armadyl, and blue Saradomin.)

Tuska is making her approach to Gielinor, devouring worlds along her way…do you have what it takes to help stop her? Check out our Tuska World Event guide and be prepared, not eaten!

We have also updated information in our Ability Book guide to bring it up-to-date on EOC combat. If you are trying out Evolution of Combat for the first time or want to show someone, there is a special section to give you the ability to get started!

If you want to know more information about Runescape update, please visit Runescapegold2007.com. As ever, any corrections or suggestions are welcome in our Website Corrections and Updates forum, and enjoy!