Advanced Pulse Cores In Runescape Treasure Hunter

There are bigger and better and more direct benefit to you on Treasure Hunter in Runescape this weekend. Extra fast Bonus XP and stacking XP buffs have been released with advanced pulse cores. Waiting for you!

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You’ll find advanced pulse cores aplenty on Treasure Hunter, from 00:00 UTC on 19th June to 23:59 UTC on 22nd June. Once your stack of advanced pulse cores is equipped in your pocket slot, each core acts like a chunk of extra-fast Bonus XP – that means +150% XP in whatever skill you’re training, until depleted.

When a core depletes, it sets off a pulse wave, granting you and everyone in the surrounding area a 2% XP boost for 10 minutes, plus another benefit such as replenished prayer or life points, or stat boosts to several skill levels. This can stack up to five times, for a maximum of 10% XP boost, and each pulse that affects a player will renew the 10 minute duration.

Please note:

  • Advanced pulse cores have an option to toggle off skills you don’t want to train.
  • You no longer need Accept Aid on to receive buffs from other players.
  • Advanced pulse cores also work in Dungeoneering.
  • Ironman accounts cannot receive the buffs.

Work at the weekend: Stock up on advanced pulse cores and settle in for some truly excellent XP gains. More surprise in Runescape.

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