Best PoE Guide Of Defeating Shaper’s Guardians

In Path of Exile, Shaper’s Guardians are found in tier 16 maps. These maps can be found right in the center of your Atlas. There are four maps, and four different Guardians within them. Do you know how to defeat them? It’s essential to have enough poe orbs. If you are not ready, this will be a huge challenge to you.

Firstly, let’s start with the easiest one: Hydra. She is an archer who will keep you on your toes. She has a barrage style move that powers up before releasing, and it kills nearly anyone if they all connect. She also has an incredibly powerful arrow, which is also denoted by a power up. It does around 5,000 damage, and is nothing to scoff at. While you’re dodging those moves and attacking her, the area is also constantly spawning Frostbolts for you to dodge. All that said, this is the easiest guardian fight, because all the strong moves are telegraphed.

Path of Exile

Secondly, Chimera isn’t too difficult either, if you understand his mechanics. He just takes a long time to fight, and has a lot of phases. For the most part he’ll just hit you in the face, and most of his attacks don’t do too much damage. When you get him down to 75%, 50%, and 25%, he’ll disappear and you have to deal with small mobs for a while. The only attack he has that’s truly frightening is his smoke cloud. He’ll disappear and you have to run into each smoke cloud until he hits you and then reappears. Other than that, he’s a breeze.

Thirdly, Phoenix is probably the most simplistic of the bunch, but also very lethal. He has an attack that whirls forwards that you have to dodge, otherwise you become a pancake. He also has an insanely strong fire explosion that he charges up for before releasing, so steer clear of that. His only other interesting mechanic is that he spawns phoenixes around the room. You’ll probably want to clear them all at some point.

Finally, Minotaur is the last of the guardians. He isn’t necessarily the hardest, but he does require the most gear. Every other guardian has a lot of stuff to dodge or play around, but not Minotaur. His strongest attack is a burrow. If you get too far away from him he’ll go underground and burrow towards you. It will kill nearly anyone it hits. As a result, your best bet will be basically just standing in front of him and taking his attacks. It’s more of a gear check than anything. However, you should move when he slams the ground and makes a circle of falling rocks. Additionally, bear in mind that buy chaos orbs on U4GM if you need them.