Buy cheap WildStar gold to enjoy powerful Dominion Races

source: As we all know,Wildstar has two factions to choose from.Each factions has its best races. For the players who is the first enter the game as Dominion, the main thing is to build a character. What class do you want to play? Which race do you choose? How does your character look? Those are … Read more

What’s new in FFXIV ARR Patch 2.25

Source: How much FFXIV Gil can I expect to spend purchasing the materials needed to create my relic weapon? It depends on how much you value your time versus your gil. I play on Cactuar, so you’ll have to do your own market checking.Your going to need a: Bloody Axe Head :(I believe that’s the item name … Read more

The tricks for you to play FFXIV Tank Paladin better

Source: We all know that Tank and Healer do not have to wait much long to join in an dungeon. A lot of players try to play Tank and Healer as their secondary classes. But do you really know how Tank work? Paladin would be a great choice for you to tank. As to how. … Read more

The general strategy for crafting in WildStar

source : Crafting may begin at 10 level when you get a proper quest. Then you choose up to two paths of Tradeskill from the NPC. You need to remember that for example for weapons you need stones. To get them, you have to know how, so you have to begin Mining Tradeskill and buy … Read more

Tips and Trick for WildStar new players

Ok, so there are a lot of new folk playing the game and even myself run into some confusing stuff. Here is some information I’ve collected that would help new folk out a lot. 1.Mounts are at level 15, hover mounts are level 25. Hover mounts allow you to travel over water. 2.Cheapest mount is … Read more