Galahad Awesome Improvements To Make Sure That Any Aspect Is Perfect

Galahad has been in progress three weeks, regarding Galahad future’s development, it’s seems to that most of gamers have highly anticipated, and they all deem that it’s a very successful update. Naturally, having being said, there are always areas in which we can improve, let’s see some not yet entirely perfect aspect point.


Item Drops, Economy Changes, Essences
An new feature has being developed, including all mob item drops will be player crafted, the key reason is that all items can drop from mobs need to be supplied to an NPC black market first. On the contrary, the black market creates demand based on mobs being killed. Assumption that the demand of black market is not meet for certain items, prices will increase, until a gamer is willing to sell the requested item to the NPC.

Some Awesome Improvements And Details
As we can now drop items in a decent number, we will likely have a closer look at what options this gives us to make gatherers happy
All equipment items in Albion Online will be player crafted again (excluding Founder’s gear)
And for the same reason, we will likely remove essences as a requirement for refining, as the player crafted item drops feature provides a powerful link between PvE and crafting already, hence removing the reason why we introduced essences in the first place
We can allow mobs to drop significantly more and also better items, as these will need to be crafted by a players and sold to the black market NPC first before they can actually drop

Reputation System
The reputation system will be changed, and it allowing for more PvP to happen in yellow as well as red zones, to non-consensual PvP, and the reputation system provides a discouragement. Here are more details:

We will continue working on this until release, especially considering that huge open world clashes are one of the major points in Albion, and, despite the game having become more complex and demanding over time, it is our absolute goal to have it run stable even in huge fights.

Improved Hell Gates

It’s said to that Hell Gates are a great source of PvP, and it can be better. However, there are mostly linked to dodging the other team and to the fact that mobs and mob pulling can play an inflated role in the PvP confrontations. These issues can’t be fixed, hence, a new hell gate was designed as well as map that is currently undergoing internal testing.

Prevent Another Post-Wipe Food Crisis
Food crisis? We will take steps to make sure that it does not get repeated on release. Instead of seeding food at high prices in the market place – as we did for the Galahad wipe – we will instead let all mobs drop food ingredients for the first 1-2 weeks after release, to allow the food economy to properly get going in an organic way.

More improvements wasn’t listed fully, if you want to learn more details, please stay tuned ours official website, at the same time, there are cheap albion online gold for sale.