Albion Online Review & Albion Online Project

When the Albion Online project was launched in 2012, we made a decision about Albion Online, and by using an isometric perspective to best achieve Albion Online, to name a few, say, Ultima Online, Diablo 3 and more, instead of closely zoomed-in 3d set-up, like World of Warcraft, Black Desert and so on, One of the mainly reasons was that we felt that it would allow for more strategic combat as well as would creat a significantly better gathering experience. Albion Online is now available on some platforms, you have more chance to get albion online gold.


Secondly – being a small independent studio – we were always fully aware that Albion Online could only become successful by having a great gameplay, different and much better than that of other MMORGPs in the market. We simply did not and do not have the budget to mask a mediocre game with super expensive graphics and technology. As a result of that, it was decided that the game would use an isometric view, and would use a graphic style that is compelling and looks awesome without being super rich in textures, polygons, etc as this would simply have taken too much of a share out of our development budget.

When we then started into looking different graphics engines in the market to make this happen (again, still in 2012), we decided to go for the Unity engine as this seemed to be ideal for our goals. As it so happens, Unity offers a very easy to implement cross-platform support, and we decided to use that, too. Being cross-platform does not slow down our development – if that was the case, we would have gone PC only from the get-go. By the way, It’s pleased to know that cheap albion online silver for sale.

In a nutshell, Albion Online is first and foremost a PC game that you can also play on other device. Most people who own a PC nowadays also have a tablet or smart phone, so our vision was that people will actually play across multiple devices, depending on what they do and where they are – such as doing some PvP on your PC and, later on, while watching a movie on your TV doing some farming on your iPad.

Currently, For Albion Online is “made for mobile” is the user-interface, someone might be keep reasonable idea, nevertheless, we have said many times, and I can re-confirm this here. Different UI options for PC and tablet have already been choosed by us, what’s more, optmized for each platform. Now that we have already made good progress here, we’ll continue to work on this, you can expect important results here soon. Are you expected to buy albion online silver?