Albion Online In Beta: Looking For Related Review

Now that I looking for a new MMO for my friends. In fact, we are huge fans of POE as well as GW2, It’s worth to glad to that I came across Albion Online which has similarities with both, in that end, before I spend money have any of the wonderful people on reddit played it? I’m wondering about it. Are you wondering how to buy cheap albion online silver?


It has now been over 24 hours and I think I have a pretty good idea of the game. Though it gets a ton of hate for its graphics and simple UI it’s not that big of an issue as the experience and social aspects are truly what makes MMOs great.

Amongst people I know that have played it, they commonly refer to it as “Al-Boring Online”, There have been some changes since we all played back in early beta, but they do not seem to address the issues we had with the game.

If you absolutely love small skirmish and smaller guild v guild gameplay you may enjoy it, but like others have said, its combat system is very limited and in my opinion, boring. If you like POE pacing, this will put you to sleep. If you need as much content as GW2, you will get bored with this very fast. Here is offer cheap  albion online gold.

Suppose that take everything with a grain of salt, regarding the game, it’s mainly GVG open world PVP focused. You can try to get into a good guild, and don’t expect to have a good time solo, it’s safe to say that you have fun in this game. You will completely enjoy Albion Online gameplay by buying cheap albion gold.