FIFA 16 Key Changes To Career Mode

New information on features set to be included in FIFA 16 have been released last week during the Cologne event, including revamps to the Career Mode. Following are introductions to the changes to  Career Mode.

Previewed at Gamescom, it seems Career Mode will include two top requested features missing from earlier titles in the successful football franchise, EA had already announced the new FUT Draft system set to be added during their press conference.

These changes are available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC only unfortunately, so if you want the full experience you may need to upgrade to a new-gen console.

Other key changes to Career Mode include:

  • Sign free agents outside of the transfer window.
  • Scout Reports – After scouting a player reports are available to you now for an entire calendar year before expiring vs three months in FIFA 15.
  • Transfer Budget -Transfer budgets are now more realistically tailored to the club you’re using in Career Mode. Also, a percentage of the remaining budget from the previous season will carry over to the next. and will vary based on where your club finished in regards to season goals.
  • Loans – Short loans have increased from three to six months and there is now an option to issue two-year loans.
  • Friendly Subs – You will be able to issue an unlimited number of substitutions during friendly matches.
  • More Realistic Transfers – While the transfer window is open, we have tuned the number of ‘high-profile’ moves by big players to better match the number of changes that typically happen in the real-world.
  • Improved Player Transfer Values – The values of players have been addressed to better match the real-world transfer market.