Last News About Tuska Falls In Runescape

The galactic terror from Runescape Tuska’s reign has kept away from us under the efforts of Gielinor’s Godless after a month of fighting. She passed the planet’s atmosphere like a runaway horse, and ultimately stay in a lifeless place.

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You can still access the Tuska D&D by clicking the magical barrier near to Wizard Chambers, and purchase the Tuska World Event rewards which albeit at an increased points cost from Chambers himself with Runescape Gold.

If you’d like to rewatch the cutscene that plays on first log-in after today’s update, you can do so by talking to Kara-Meir. But this is much more than a monument to Gielinor’s victory over the beast goddess. From next week, the portal on Tuska’s back will open, giving you access to a strange new world.

The armour which got from the Tuska rewards shop in the World Event has been called off. Do you expect to adventure from Mazcab? What are you waiting for? Join us!