Making ArcheAge Gold by Trading System

Trading is a big part of the crafting in ArcheAge game. You can farm and harvest materials that you later craft into packages. Then you bring those packages to a trading outpost in another region and make a profit based on distance and rarity. You can also trade in packages for ArcheAge Gold or Delphi Coins, a currency used to buy stuff on mirage island, such as using Delphi coins you can buy ships, housing construction drawings, mounts and so on. If you have not enough labor points, can together trading with your guild.

The basic conditions of trading – Collecting materials

Making specialty goods require a certain amount of materials by gathering, logging or Auction House. Packing the goods will cost you some labor points. Then go and buy the “specialty quality assessment item” in materials merchant after you get enough materials, and making a specialty by the specific crafting table. Collecting materials need you have proficiency skills, will increase the chance of rare materials after getting proficiency by sustained labor productivity. Getting the rare materials will cost your more labor points, but would get a higher experience.

Making Specialty

Different specialty need to produced on different specialty tables, only the corresponding specialty tables can making the corresponding specialty. How to make specialty in the tables? Press “F” on the table, choose Crafting – Corresponding Specialty list, you can see the relevant instructions to make specialty.



If you pick up a trade package, you don’t run anymore and walk instead. Even with your running skill you won’t be much faster. But you can use your mount, airship, carriage or others to designated trade region. Note, you can not use the mount skills when you are riding on a mount, but if you are riding other player’s mount, can be used.

AA F 1

The speed of Marine transport
swimming < small boat < trading ship = warship < speed boat
The speed of Land transport
walk < tool car < donkey < bus

Be careful your specialty pick up by other players, when you put the package on the ground, and be careful attacking and looting your specialty by other players or other different continents players. When you character died, the specialty will drop automatically, other players can snatch them. If you choose Marine transport, please make sure the safe routes before departure.

Trade Routes

You know the specialty only trade at designated place, and according to the distance of trade NPC, you will gain the different rewards, the farther you go, the more reward you can gain. What’s more, it is related to the place of security levels, lower price trade in the protected zone, high price trade in the neutral zone, highest price trade in the seas. Sell specialty to other continents across the sea, although has a higher risk, but you can gain a abundant of rewards, so you should make sure the safety trade routes before sail off and remember avoid the war area.

Delivery and Rewards

Knowing the location of Specialty NPC first, different NPC will give you Gold or Delphi coins you can choose. The most profit is bringing packages to the other continent or even liberty island. Trade NPC will give your different rewards according to the distance, regional security level, the inflation rate and so on.