WildStar Guide:Spellslinger Amps Locations

AMPs are important part of WildStar Skill Calculator, where you can put points in six different parts – Assault, Support, Utility and 3 Hybrids. They are random world rewards, but the Tiers are rewarded based on level. You can obtain them as random mob drops, quest rewards, or simply buy them from vendor, but, you have to achieve at least Popular reputation level (8000 reputation with your faction) before you can buy AMPs from Reputation vendors.

In the table below you can find locations for all Spellslinger Amps Vendor, for both factions Exile and Dominion. By clicking on the links in the Vendor columns you can see map location for each vendor. You can also search the table by choosing vendor name, or location from drop down menus at the top of the table.

vendor name

Amps Vendor guide

Amps Vendorzone