The Guide to Wildstar Northern Wilds Zone Lore

Wildstar Northern Wilds Zone Lore guide with locations of all the datacubes and journals. Northern Wilds is a level 3-6 starter zone for the Exile.

To access your Zone Lore and see which ones you have or missing, simply access the Lore interface from the bottom left corner of your screen.


Datacube Entry: Violent Tempest (4149, –5726)
1.Inside Ancient Tower
Datacube Entry: Primal Disruptor (4093, –5943)
1.Inside Exo-Lab 729
Datacube Entry: Volatile Power
1.Inside Exo-Lab 729 but only accessible if you are Scientist Path. There is a door with console which only Scientists can open
Datacube Entry: Decelerated Gestation
1.Inside Coldburrow Cavern

Deployment Orders: Operation Snowfall (4065, –5239)
Shuttle Boarding Pass (3989, –5374)
Renzo’s Journal (4540, –5723)
Skeech Poetry:
Inside Coldburrow Cavern