2K23 MyCareer players have wrong perceptions of badges and attributes

In the MyCareer mode of 2K23, some players often need to understand certain emblems and attributes, leading to fatal mistakes when players build players. The following content will list players’ mistakes and point out How they should be corrected.

If the points for upgrading badges or attributes need to be increased, you can complete daily challenges, rewarding players with cheap 2K23 MT and enough points.

Acceleration helps in defense.
The results of multiple tests tell us that this is not true. It only concerns your first couple of steps when you have the ball. It doesn’t do anything off the ball.

Killer combos can make you explode faster.
The killer combos badge will only make you change dribbles much easier if it is not connected to your dribbling speed.

Manus batch gives you more cuts of animations as a Defender.
The only reason Menace activates after a cutoff is that the ball handler got close to you after the cutoff, which activates Madness. It doesn’t boost the actual cutoff itself. Suppose the defender runs away after the cutoff. In that case, it won’t activate the batch proving that the only reason it activated on the other one is that the ball handler and the defender were close to each other after the cutoff.

The vice grip badge is equal to your glue heads badge
That is not true vice grip is a different batch vice grip concerns the ball security, while Glenn’s badge concerns the quality of the catch and how fast you can transition to the next move.

Skill boost gives you plus one attribute or whatever value
Is untrue. There are a lot of variables that a game is calculating under the hood we can’t see, so that’s where the Boost will go, not adding directly to your attributes.
If you are one point short of unlocking a new animation on your dribbling, you will need more than one skill boost to make up for that missing one point on your ball handles.

Workhorse boosts normal rebounding.
Yeah, technically thus, because if the ball hits the ground first, that still counts as a rebound, but many players think it helps on the actual rebound when you know you get the ball meteor. That is false because it only covers rebounds when the ball hits the ground first.

Tendencies affect user-controlled players.
That is not true as well. It only affects players that the AI controls.

Catch and shoot badge speeds up your shot.
It only concerns the actual make percentage. It won’t touch any other thing.

The speed with ball is useful technically.
The biggest thing this stat does is unlock badges and start working about four steps after you boot it up. Other than that, it doesn’t do anything extra for the player.

Gateway boost doesn’t work
it works, and they all work according to their definition it might not be mind-blowing effects, but they work.

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