NBA 2K21: Some Fundamental Tips For MyCareer

Are you new to MyCareer? Do you want to rise from an amateur player to a pro-league player? So, here we’re looking at some fundamental tips that can help beginners know how to excel in MyCareer mode.

NBA 2K21 MyCareer Tips

1. Avoid Simulating Games

There are a total of 82 regular-season games before the player’s team heads right up to the playoffs. That’s a lot of games. There’s also an option to simulate games, which can be very tempting to do. However, the game has a very unpredictable way of simulating games. If the player wants to earn as many VCs as possible, they should avoid this option.

2. Badges Are Very Essential

Badges are important in 2K, as badges give you that extra edge against players with the same stats. Badges act as a special boost in particular areas of your game and can be key in performing at the highest level in MyCareer. Players with lower overall but good badges can outperform players with better overall and worse badges. Every MyCareer game will progress you somehow towards a Badge, so make those jump shots, gain possession, and unlock training drills to really start making meaningful progression and getting these Badges to modify your stats.

3. The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

Basketball is not just a game of offense, and it’s also a very defensive game. If the player wants to dominate MyCareer mode, they should be a defensive player as they are an offensive player.

4. Take Advantage Of Fast Breaks

Fast breaks are guaranteed points, which also guarantees a higher player score by the end of the game. This applies to every position. When there’s an opportunity, the player should always take advantage of fast breaks.

5. Spend VCs Appropriately

Virtual currency (VC) is a vital tool required to give players the best chance to succeed in MyCareer, just as important as NBA 2K MT in MyTEM. Pretty much everything tied to meaningful progression in the game is tied to VC (Virtual Currency). All stat upgrades must be bought with VC, so you won’t be quick to get better without a good source.

Players should allocate points according to their position and build. If they want to be slashers, they should spend VCs on driving, lay-ups, and dunks. If they want to be shooters, they should spend their VCs appropriately.

6. Make A Build That Suits Your Playstyle

Deciding which build to select is one of the first significant decisions that all 2K players have to make early in MyCareer. Essentially, the archetype chosen will dictate your entire MyCareer experience. So, when choosing a builder, it is essential to be sure that the playstyle and potential of the archetype is something you can see yourself sticking to for the long term.

7. Know What You Want To Use Your Build For

Not all builds are equal. Some shine in-park games (2v2 and 3v3), while others are built precisely to compete in Pro-Am and Rec games. When creating your build, keep the modes you want to play in mind; choosing a build that is not in line with your purpose will make the game a lot less enjoyable.

8. Know Your Position

Players need to know their position and play that position well. Not only will this win games, but it will also increase the player’s Teammate Grade.

9. Learn To Run Plays

The main essence of sports such as basketball and the like is teamwork. This essence is also ever-present in NBA 2K21’s MyCareer mode. The player’s character will have a meager rating at the beginning of MyCareer, which will dominate during isolation plays. They should act as a part of the team, know their position, and run plays. This also ensures the player will receive a high Teammate Grade at the end of the game.

10. Spending Money Is Not Necessary

It is completely doable to dominate in MyCareer without spending a single dime towards the game’s microtransaction system. The player can play the game leisurely, and they’ll find enjoyment and eventually become a player to be reckoned with as they progress through the season.

11. Play The Prologue

The main benefits of completing the prologue are more VC earnings per game and badges. If the player completes the prologue instead of jumping right into the season, they’ll earn 33% more VCs per game, which adds up in the end. They’ll also have a head start with badges, which are highly necessary for MyCareer.

12. Learn The New Mechanics First

One of the newer implementations brought about by NBA 2K21 is the new shooting mechanic. If the player has played previous NBA 2K games and wants to dominate this game’s MyCareer mode, they should first familiarize themselves with the new mechanic.

13. Focus on Getting High Teammate Grades

The game encourages players in MyCareer to be team-oriented, with players getting rewarded for making good plays that help their team win. It is easier to obtain a high teammate grade by consistently making good basketball plays, such as by boxing out, getting an assist, or grabbing rebounds, than by focusing on scoring.

Utilizing these tips does not guarantee instant success, but doing so will help you get going MyCareer more easily! Also, for more NBA 2K21 MyCareer tips, check out here!