Making Classic WOW Gold by Professions Engineering

Engineering makes use of a variety of objects and turns them into ingenious inventions. With engineering, you can produce battle-ready pets, goggles, trinkets, gadgets, and even use a couple of teleporters. Gnomish and Goblin engineering are the specializations within this trade skill. Gnomish engineering is taken mainly for the trinkets and inventive gadgets it lets you make while Goblin is more for those with an aptitude for explosives and extra damage potential. Epic goggles ranging from cloth to plate can be made at the engineering of 375 and are very helpful depending on what you are looking for. Engineers are well known for their bombs, but the problem with most engineering goods is that only engineers may use them. Throw Dynamite is an exception to this rule and when placed on auction usually sells Classic WOW Gold very well.

Item: Throw Dynamite
Skill Needed: 100
Materials: 4x Coarse Blasting Powder, 1x Wool Cloth
Approximate Value: 1-2 Gold per stack of 20
Recipe: Schematic: Throw Dynamite
Target: Druid of the Fang (Wailing Caverns, 0.2% drop rate, Normal Mode)
Defias Pirate (The Deadmines, 0.3% drop rate, Normal Mode)

Item: Throw Dynamite II
Skill Needed: 200
Materials: 1x Solid Blasting Powder, 2x Mageweave
Approximate Value: 4-6 Gold per stack of 20
Schematic: Throw Dynamite II
Target: Vendor, Blizrik Buckshot (Tanaris, 50 Silver)
Vendor, Wrinkle Goodsell (Tanaris, 50 Silver)