Effective Path Of Exile Guide Of New Chieftain

In Path of Exile, do you know the Chieftain? The Chieftain is an Ascendancy class for Marauders. Collectors of path of exile items may know, recently, Chieftain got an entire overhaul. It’s no longer just a totem build.

Now, they can do pretty much any attack – based build. The totem aspect wasn’t touched at all, those two nodes were left alone. The other four, however, were drastically changed. A lot of stats that were shuffled around between the nodes, and were all drastically buffed.

Path of Exile

The node that gave Endurance Charges and regeneration based on Endurance Charges was moved to be the start of a tree, and it now gives + 10% fire damage per Endurance Charge. This is big, since it allows the stacking of Endurance Charges as a means of damage as well. It leads to a node that gives + 100% fire resistance, 1% life regen per second, 10% of physical damage taken as fire, 2% more life regen per second if you’ve taken fire damage recently, and is unaffected by ignite. This is a combination of random stats from a few old nodes, as well as some extra bonuses.

The other new tree starts with a huge node: 50% of damage converted to fire, damage penetrates 10% fire resistance, and every 10 seconds gain 100% of physical damage as extra fire damage for three seconds. This allows players to build full physical builds that deal a ton of fire damage.

This makes Chieftain a rather nice choice for many Cyclone and Reave builds. This tree leads to a node that gives 1% of fire damage leeched as life, 10% increased strength, 1% of totem damage leeched as life, and 10% chance to cover Rare or Unique enemies in Ash for 10 seconds on hit. This provides a ton of stats that any physical build will need.

Similar to Hierophant, I expect to see a lot of Chieftains due to how powerful they are both offensively and defensively. In hardcore in particular I can see a lot of people swapping to Chieftain for the defenses offered while still allowing aggressive gameplay. Of course, there are still a lot of ascendancies coming, so everything could change!

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