Madden NFL 18 Is More Like A New Version Of The Series

Another popular sports simulation saw light at the end of August, the EA Sports Madden NFL 18. As this year’s edition launches Madden 18, the game looks better than ever, but EA missed out to make big progress in the gameplay.

While animations and moves are much more fluid than before, the game includes only a few new moves and mechanics. What will be pleasing to all players is The Longshot story in which you build your own career with Devin Wade. What NBA and FIFA have for some time, finally returned to Madden after four years ago Superstar Modus was kicked out of it. The game is available for PS4 and Xbox One.


OK, Madden may not have The Neighbourhood like NBA 2K18 but it’s still got a decent story mode in its own right, called Longshot. It follows, Texas-born quarterback Devin Wade, as he tries to reach the NFL, and includes high school and college football games.

Just like in The Journey, your decisions and performances in the game affect Devin’s career path. Just like in other EA flagship games, Madden is powered by Frostbite. Although player models look a bit stuff compared with the free-flowing FIFA players, stadium and uniform detail is spot on. Gameplay wise, there’s a new Target Passing mechanic, which allows you to lead your pass catcher.

Plus, the new Play Now Live, sees you follow the real-life NFL season with in-game challenges to rewrite history, or imagine it before it happens. All in all, it’s a pretty impressive package.

But the fact is that apart from this section, we do not see much change in other parts of the game, and the Madden NFL 18 is more like a new version of the series, similar to the update for the previous version. Of course, that does not mean that you are bad on the game, and the Madden NFL 18 is absolutely worth playing.

The biggest change in the Madden NFL series is to date, becoming their three-dimensional game in 1999. However, it’s safe to say that after this date, the Madden NFL 18 has made the most progress compared to the previous version of the series, and therefore offers the most appealing and best version of the series. The game is also fantastically awesome in visual terms, with a series of minor changes that have made Madden NFL 18 the best experience of American football.

The high quality of the game is not merely a good simulation of American football and the eligibility of teams and competitions; it’s also a gameplay with a series of good changes to the gameplay and game modes, and it’s full of excitement for the gamer. Additionally, you can try a reliable online store like Madden-Store where offers cheap mut coins for sale at any time.