NBA 2K18: Here Are Some Suggestions That Can Help You Get Better Card

MyTeam is arguably the most popular mode in NBA 2K18’s modes, it’s really fun modes. You can be allowed to collect more cards, and then build a roster out of collectible cards. There are a lots of cards to choose from, but if you are eager to buy the biggest stars in the NBA, usually, are very expensive, especially for some stars like Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

NBA 2K18

Here Are Some Suggestions That Can Help You Pick Up Some Early Domination Wins, Without Breaking The Bank

Small Forwards
Gold: Carmelo Anthony is probably the best overall card from this group, but he goes for 2,000MT, if not more, so if you don’t pack him, he’s not a great budget option. Jae Crowder, on the other hand, goes for about 500-600MT less than Anthony, is a better defender, and can hit open threes in transition.

Silver: Terrence Ross is the best outside shooter of the group, with no cold zones from three, but is a poor defender and rebounder. Andre Iguodala defends at a very high level, but won’t be able to drive to the basket. Glenn Robinson III is affordable, a good shooter, is fast enough to drive to the basket, and may be worth a look.

Shooting Guards
Gold: Devin Booker is a popular choice, but he often goes for 2,000MT or more, and doesn’t shoot that well from three without being paired with Eric Bledsoe, his Dynamic Duo card. A much more affordable and more well-rounded option is Gary Harris, who has a better three-point shooting rating, and is a much better defender.

Silver: There’s not a ton of great options, and cards like JJ Redick or Dion Waters, who are strong three-point shooters, may not be very cheap. Depending on who you have as your point guard, a combo guard may be useful.

Point Guards
Gold: Dennis Schroder is one of the cheapest gold players on the auction house right now, and has great athleticism ratings, but his cold zones and blah defense hurt his playability. For the money, George Hill is a very good option, giving good shooting, defense and playmaking, for a card you can probably grab under 1,200 MT.

Silver: There are a ton of point guard options at the Silver tier, and who you should target depends a lot on what you need from your point guard for your style of play. At the silver level, across basically all positions, you’re not going to find affordable players who can do all of those things well, but there are a few specialists click here to know more.

More suggestions for centers and power forwards, stay tuned U4NBA, we offer fast, legit and cheap NBA 2K18 MT that help you build an unbeatable NBA team. We love to deal with player’s all needs and questions, we build long-term relationships with each customer.