MU Legend’s Developers Are Providing The Best OBT Experience To Players

In the core game mechanics, the gameplay experience of MU Legend provides for a deeper immersion, including exhilarating PvE and thrilling PvP. What’s more, with the open world questing, not only is there a main story to follow, but also players can progress in a non-linear fashion. In general, MU Legend fans’ eagerness to explore the mysterious continent of MU.

MU Legend

The developers of MU Legend are enthusiastic gamers, and providing the very best OBT experience to players is their top priority: their constant, unyielding development work is forged by their natural love for games and their professional involvement. Richard Moon, Head of Global Business at Webzen, commented: “Our teams have poured years of hard work into MU Legend, and it’s such a major milestone for everybody to finally reach OBT. ”

In the intervening months, the MU Legend team continues to focus on a polished translation for all 6 languages on offer. This OBT version will also feature some deep, new content which will be explored in crispy detail in several dedicated spotlights (to be published on MU Legend’s official Facebook page). Concerning more details and news, the best and fastest way is click here to get more.

As like the publisher of MU Legend pointed out, the global audience are so happy to knew the news. The wait also ends for players who have shown their dedication right from the initial announcement and all the way through the different closed beta phases. By the way, U4GM, seasoned gamers highly recommend this site to anyone looking to purchase MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling.