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Equipment: Armor


Chest: Druid Robe

Obsessive Burst
Increases your damage by 8% for 10s. During this time, each time you activate an ability, this effect is multiplied up to 8 times.

Increases your damage and heal power. Another easy-to-use damage buff. Using any skill, even without hitting an enemy will stack up the buff and will increase the damage of your Demon Arrow.

Boots: Royal Sandals

Defenseless Rush
Increases your movement speed by 75%, and your damage by 20% for a few seconds. While Defenseless Rush is active, your armor is reduced.

Increases your damage and heal power. The huge movement speed buff allows you to quickly get away if you’re approached by enemies, but most of the time you will find yourself using Defenseless Rush to stack your total damage bonus for your Demon Arrow.

Helmet: Royal Hood

Quick Thinker
Reduces all cooldown times.

Growing Rage
As long as you don’t deal damage, you keep stacking up a damage increase of 10% per second. As soon as you deal damage, the stacking stops and the current increase stays active for a few seconds.

Equipment: Weapon


Weapon of Choice: Wailing Bow

Hit all enemies in a cone in front of you.

Aggressive Rush
Every 4 normal attacks, all your damage gets increased for a few seconds.

Frost Shot
Leap 9 meters backward, while at the same time firing a frost arrow at the ground in front of you, slowing anyone hit. As Multishot nor Frost Shot need a target to be used and both are on a low cooldown, they are the optimal choice for the job at hand.

Demon Arrow
Fires a demonic arrow that pierces through enemies. Each enemy hit strengthens the arrow, causing it to do more damage to subsequent targets. The optimal usage of Demon Arrow requires some training. It helps a lot that Demon Arrow is fired off instantly, but due to the narrow and long path the arrow is traveling you need to fire it in the right direction to hit multiple targets.