Albion Online Released New PVP Upgrade By Hellgates

What is Albion Online? Albion Online is a medieval sandbox MMO. It allows people to write their own stories in a vast medieval world. The gam is just a lot of fun and it is the kind of game, you can easily spend a few hours playing and then wonder where the time went!


Previously, fans have been asking developer Sandbox Interactive for improvements to the game’s Hellgates, Albion Online’s version of a combined PvP/PvE zone. As a reply, the game’s Hellgates have gotten a revamp in the form of its “Hector” update. Here’s a list of features that have come with the update courtesy of an official press release.

  • Mob interactions and map layout have been redesigned to give players a better PvP experience without concerning themselves with wandering demons that can affect the outcome of team fights.
  • Mob placement has been improved to prevent stagnant stand-offs and lead to more skirmishes between opposing teams.
  • Dynamic spawn points will give both teams an equal chance and allow for changing gameplay.
  • Hellgates now spawn in three types; 2v2 in green zones, 5v5 in yellow zones, as well as 5v5 in red & black zones, with the risk – and reward – increasing from zone to zone. Rewards will scale based on the difficulty of the zone, with green being the easiest and black the hardest.

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