Don’t Neglect These Players in Madden 17

Most players always stare at these people they think important, like Playmaker, Linebacker and etc, but they always neglect safety players, they think they are not so important and then pay attention to other place, but they are wrong, they always could play a role you couldn’t image. So today let us Analysis of some players like this.
Safety Player
A very important  NFL 17 tip is to always keep an eye out on the enemy Safety player. A ball thrown further down the field can easily be intercepted by a good Safety so players need to keep an eye out on his positioning and movement when they are getting ready to throw.
Both the Safety players are usually in the middle of the field as Defense and players must focus on throwing their ball to a friendly player who is away from the Safety and yet not crowded by other opposing players.
Since the Madden NFL games are designed to be as authentic as possible to the real NFL experience, every year the player roster changes around and some players get benched while others end up in the main squad.
It can be easily fixed by manually altering the roster so players have only those team members in the squad with which they are experienced with and feel can perform better than the current squad.
The roster can be modified by pressing the “Start” button and navigating to the “Depth Chart” which lets players manage every position on the field.
So you need learn an extra skills after reading this article, you should not neglect every the other players in game, you need keep high vigilance, every player are waiting you nap in game, so it is not a peaceful place during the game. You will lose easily if you underestimate the enemy.
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