Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood: New Beast Tribe And Primal And New Job

For Final Fantasy XIV the 14-day access restriction on free trial accounts, Square Enix has officially canceled. What this means is that you require try more ways to play Final Fantasy XIV. Let’s explore vast and new lands, Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood will brings new jobs and red mage, new dungeons, new gear and crafting recipes and much more, the features details of Final Fantasy XIV, FFXIV4GIL will offers more details to you:


New Beast Tribe and Primal: The Ananta, an all-female beast tribe, is the newest of the beast tribes to be introduced to the world of FFXIV. This ancient tribe resides in the mountains near Ala Mhigo and worships the primal Lakshmi. Known for their skill in spell and gemcraft, the Lamia will play a very important role in the Stormblood main scenario as their persecution by the Garlean Empire is revealed. Some gamers tend to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil to boost their power in-game.

Swimming and Diving: This new gameplay mechanic will allow players to seamlessly enter and traverse specific rivers, lakes, and seas in both new and existing areas throughout Eorzea Players will also be able to dive underwater in select locations, even while riding flying mounts. Underwater areas will not only include new gathering locations, but also will provide an opportunity for NPC interaction.

New Job – Red Mage (DPS Role): The highly anticipated red mage job will make its debut in Stormblood as a ranged magic DPS, wielding a rapier and magicked crystal medium. A very mobile attacker, the red mage dives in and out of melee combat, assaulting enemies with red magic and short-ranged attacks. The red mage also has the ability to link multiple spells with chainspell, dealing massive damage and following them up with melee attacks.

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