Mu Legend: Gamers Can Expect More New Changes

On March 23, MMORPG Mu Legend gameplay, the first start open beta in South Korea was released. You can progress your character in 3 different aspects to gain power: the traditional character level, Soul Level, which provides additional stats and passive skills, and Account Level, which offers permanent boosts for all characters.


Mu Legend has four unique character classes, in addition, the fifth class is Emphasizer. As a strong AOE attacker, Emphasizer can also soak damage for her teammates. In MU Legend, monsters’ DPS will increase exponentially as players level up.

Unlike previous version, gamers can expect more gameplay for wilderness maps. For instance, newly added wilderness bosses for 20 players, random monsters with rare equipment, and monster invasion. The social interaction will be improved in the upcoming version.

In addition, Mu Legend made a series of changes, including new dungeons, a new system, and a guild system. Meanwhile, Mu Legend has fantastic visuals effect and stunning graphics. Those who are interested in getting more news about Mu Legend, recommend go to here: