NBA 2K17 & New Trophy List: VR Experience Launched Cost

Now that NBA 2KVR Experience is official launched on Sony PlayStation 4, note that HTC Vive as well as Samsung Gear VR for merely $14.99. Previously, revealed a new trophy list of the game, it majorly hinting of a VR possibility. Hence, so what does the new VR experience entail for NBA 2K17? In addition to this, how dose the new trophy list works for players?


VR Possibility Hinted Earlier

Earlier, a trophy list was leaked by Exosphase showing 13 new achievements. The number is not the totality of the new virtual reality NBA 2K17 game but it clearly showed a series of mini-games with reference to time attack modes, shooting challenges for three-point shots, skill challenges and party tournaments. NBA 2k17 is the first licensed sports video game to make a dedicated offering meant for virtual reality.

With the NBA 2KVR Experience, gamers will get 13 new trophies including Shootster, Speedster and Trickster. Players can get the trophies by playing challenges in any difficulty level in Solo Mode. For main user games, the Party Time and Friend Zone games are available on any difficulty level. The Party Time trophy is available once you complete any Party Single Event while the Friend Zone trophy requires that you complete a Party Tournament.

NBA 2K17 Goes VR

Today marks the official launch of the NBA 2KVR Experience. But instead of a full-featured basketball title, the VR version of NBA 2K17 is more of a collection of mini-games. A testament to the slow progression of 2K games towards VR technology. The new VR title is narrated and voiced by the game’s cover, athlete Paul George. Some of the gameplay included in the NBA 2KVR Experience are timed challenges, buzzer beater and a three-point shootout mode. Attaining in-game Gatorade boosts also allow you to earn attributes. The trailer for the new game looks good so far and makes it even better given the addition of a VR technology.

New NBA 2KVR Experience Trophies And How To Get Them

For Solo Mode games, the trophies available are Fueled Up, Tricked Out, The Alternator, Ultimate Challenger, Three-Point Master, Time Lord, Missin’ Impossible and Sink King. The Fueled Up trophy will be yours when you consume every type of boost and complete every game that comes with each one. For Tricked Out, you have to unlock all of the Skills Challenge Courses available in the NBA 2KVR Experience title. The Alternator requires you to sink every other shot done in a Three-Point game before you earn the trophy. The Ultimate Challenger trophy will require you to get the trophy by reaching Challenge 10 and successfully sinking the basket on Buzzer Beater.

When it comes to the three-Point Master trophy, you need to do something, for instance, you cannot miss a single shot on a Three-Point game as well as complete the game on Pro difficulty. However, speaking of the Time Lord trophy, on All-Star or Pro difficulty in Buzzer Beater, you might be get less than 10 seconds of catch-to-release time. What’s more, you have to guarantee not miss a shot. For Sink King, make sure that you will be acquired at least 15 successful baskets, in other word, you aren’t miss a single shot, Suppose that possible on Time Attack. Finally, if you can complete the course 10 of Skills Challenge Course on an All-Star difficulty without missing a single shot, the Missin’ Impossible trophy will be yours.