10 Brand New Features In FIFA 16

FIFA 16 is fast approaching, the football season is drawing near, and the FIFA 16 release date is in sight. There are 10 brand new features you need to know in FIFA 16.

Brand New Features

While summer continues to disappoint, particularly if it’s a British one you’re enduring. EA Sports’ newest instalment surely won’t, and players around the world are desperately squeezing the last dregs from FIFA 15 before they have to start all over again in September.

Ultimate Teams will be reconstructed from scratch, careers will be taken back to the beginning, and now women’s teams will be raised up. But while the majority of fans will have already read about the new modes, including the leap away from men’s football, the important changes all come woven into the gameplay itself.

Exciting modes, new features, and gimmicks will keep fans returning form more, but the gameplay is what will hold them there. So get ready to take a deeper look at the intricate details EA have crafted into the game, rather than merely writing the changes off as ‘a few tweaks’. These new additions will change the way you play FIFA.